Our Work

Built on our team experience in various interdisciplinary fields, we work to support sustainability and resilience in new normal era, through (action) research and breakthrough initiatives such as diffusion of innovation and knowledge transfer, in the following fields;

One of our research methods is systematic literature review. A systematic review is a literature review that is carried out in a structured manner. Based on the research question, several electronic databases such as Scopus are searched. Inclusion and exclusion criteria are used to select eligible items. This helps to to identify, evaluate, and summarize the findings of all relevant studies, thereby making the available evidence more accessible to stakeholders and decision makers.

As for knowledge transfer and capability building, one of our methods is using serious games. Serious games combine learning strategies, knowledge and structures, and game elements to teach specific skills, knowledge and attitudes. This helps people to easily understand complex issues such as climate change and environmental problems.

In addition, we also provide informal education and training about research, writing, and capacity building to multi stakeholders. It includes research with multiple methods, conceptual frameworks, and scientific and popular writing.