Sustainable Landscapes Management

The impacts of climate change, such as increasing temperature, erratic rainfall patterns, sea level rise, etc., are being increasingly reported. These impacts are destructive to human activities and thus the development and improvement of mitigation and adaptation strategies is a priority globally. Moreover, activities of climate change adaptation not only provide solutions and strategies to deal with climate change but also encourage sustainable development.

What’s the best and cheapest way to harness nature for fighting climate change? Answer: protect and restore the world’s wetlands – its bogs and lakes, mangroves and mires, peatlands and rivers, tidal mudflats, and floodplain marshes. Afforestation and reforestation have been proposed as effective, safe, and affordable natural climate solutions to lock up carbon and mitigate climate change.

However, these two ecosystems are the ones that are often abandoned by politicians even by academics. The New Normal Institute seeks to raise awareness in local and international audiences about the importance of these two areas. Also, voice and actively participate in supporting wetland and forest conservation. NNI has been working to support social forestry and peatland restoration in Indonesia.